In January 2012 I made a decision that changed my life. At my heaviest weight in Decembr 2011 I was 272 Lbs and when I saw a picture of myself, I didn’t recognize that person. This prompted me to gain the will and determination to lose the weight. Now, I am 100 Lbs lighter.

I started documenting my journey on Instagram as accountability for myself and now I encourage over 75,000 people daily who follow me! After losing the first losing 78 Lbs the biggest question I would get is “How do I start?” or “Where do I begin?”, which birthed the idea for my business.

Every day since launching the business December 25th, 2013, I help people lose fat by changing their mind – which changes their body – and will continue to do so as I continue to change my own!

I am a life coach. I strive to help people become whole in every aspect of their life.

Before / After