What exactly am I buying when I sign up?

Beachbody is a health and wellness company, and as a Coach, I help people hit their goals! Generally everybody gets started off right with a challenge pack. Here is a list of everything that comes with the challenge pack:

Fitness – Any Beachbody fitness program
Nutrition – Eating Plans, Grocery lists, Shakeology
Support – Me, your FREE health & fitness Coach!
Rewards – The Beachbody Challenge contest (500$ cash prize)
Success – Achieving your goals in our Accountability Group


I just joined the UNSTOPPABLE Team Facebook Group! What do I do now?

Feel free to jump right in and introduce yourself in the group with a picture! Let us know where you’re at in your journey!!! Also, please tag me with the @ symbol so I can welcome you, because I receive many notifications and don’t want to miss your introduction!

Make sure you view my pinned post at the top *you have to click on it* and comment on it and like it when you watch it!



Can I try BEACHBODY ON DEMAND (BOD) for free?

Yes! Click the link below and create a free login.

Make sure you use this direct link below to access the free 30-day trial:

Signup for Beachbody on Demand Free


I do not live in U.S. or Canada, can I still join?

Yes! I absolutely love the fact that you reached out to me – and i would be HONORED to be your Beachbody Coach and coach you in your goals! Unfortunately, in your country you can’t technically sign up to have a Beachbody Coach just yet, but…i do have another option for you :O)
You’re able to workout with us all the way from where you live thanks to Beachbody On Demand (BOD)!

Use my direct link below to sign up for the free 30-day trial:

That SHOULD work! however – if it doesn’t work in your country, please go here:

Use this link: www.BOD.Fitness

MAKE SURE you enter my name:
Laura Dalpini
My Coach ID:
and my Email:

When the website asks you who your referring coach is.

When we expand into a new market you can then sign up with me as your Coach, but for now this is a way to gain you access for free, help you get started with Beachbody, and help improve your health!!

Once I see your name in my customer database even though you haven’t technically purchased anything, you are still my “customer” – so I will let you join our accountability group! You can get motivation and support everyday and learn about the products and our culture.

Here’s the link to our accountability group once you create your login:


We already have people from England, Scotland, and Ireland in our facebook group right now!